DIY Tool Guide – Part Two

With all DIY jobs there will come a time when you need to undo a stuck nut or bolt and using a rusty old pair of pliers just won’t work! Now it’s time for you to get yourself a spanner or two…

Adjustable spanners are a great thing for a quick fix and for undoing nuts and bolts that aren’t too tight… but don’t expect too much of them, they tend to come loose at the wrong moment… Even so a small adjustable spanner is a good addition to your toolbox though and costs about £8.

When things get tough and you need to apply a bit more force then a decent set of combination spanners should do the job. Combination spanners are just that, a combination of an open-ended spanner on one end and a ring spanner on the other. You can spend anything from £20 to £200 on a set of ring spanners, generally you get what you pay for. If you only need them occasionally though you really don’t need to spend a fortune. It’s important to look out for a set that includes both metric and imperial sizes, if you use a spanner that doesn’t quite fit a nut you’re just gonna round it off and get yourself into all sorts of trouble and extra work.

The occasional electrical job will often require that you cut a cable here and there, craft knives and scissors will do the job but usually lead you straight to the hospital too… It’s amazing how easily a craft knife moves through insulation AND copper cable when your finger is in the wrong place… Nasty… Don’t do it… Get a pair of side cutters instead, cut cables easily and safely. The more you pay the longer they stay sharp and cut well, but £5 will buy you a pair that will last for ages!

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