DIY Tool Guide – Part Four

Here’s a list of the items I’ve already included in my DIY Tool Guide:

Strong Toolbox
Claw Hammer
Cross Pein Hammer
Set of Screwdrivers
Electrical Test Screwdriver
Adjustable Spanner
Set of Combination Spanners
Side Cutters
Long-Nosed Pliers
Combination Pliers

I’ve got one tool in my own toolbox that has a habit of disappearing at the least opportune moment. I guess it’s just because it’s such a useful and versatile tool. Frankly it’s the last thing you want to leave lying around though, not a tool for kids to play with… or most adults I’ve discovered.

A craft knife (or Stanley knife) is great for cutting carpet, electrical insulation, fingers, card, paper… etc. etc. etc. Get a knife with a retractable blade, leave the fixed blade versions alone, you really need to be able to leave the knife safely in the toolbox without worrying about stabbing your finger next time you put a hand in there! The best craft knives come equipped with a large knurled nut that lets you open the case easily and change the blade, better craft knives even have space in them to store a safety pack of blades. Cheaper versions need a screwdriver to open the case and might or might not have space for a few spare blades.

Not much get’s in the way of a brand new craft knife blade… Always cut away from your your hands and body, keep your fingers out of the cutting line and keep the knife away from curious kids.

A good craft knife will cost between £5 and £8 from most tool suppliers.

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