DIY Tool Guide – Part Three

Have you ever had that experience with some innocuous domestic task that requires you to remove a nail or a staple? Or maybe you needed to bend a cable or a piece of metal?

First you try using your fingers… then you collect the sticking plasters from the medicine cabinet and tape up the gash you just carved into your thumb! Next you try to lever the thing out with a screwdriver… now this is a bit more serious and usually ends with a trip to casualty to mend the hole you just made in your hand… Next you try the hammer and chisel… the results are way too gory for this website!

The simple thing would have been to equip your DIY toolkit with a pair of long-nosed pliers. An extremely versatile tool that can be used for gripping and holding items that you need to turn or hit, or grabbing hold of something you need to pull out or bend.

Long-nosed pliers are the next simple tool in this DIY tool guide that can be bought for £3 or less. And unless you find some particularly cheap and nasty ones, they are going to last you for many years of service.

Often these can be purchased as part of a set that generally includes side-cutters, long-nosed pliers and combination pliers. Combination pliers can be a handy addition to you toolkit but please remember that they are no substitute for a simple set of spanners!

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