About this blog

Chris BarnettHi, thanks for reading this page, you’ll understand more about why this blog exists now!

My name is Chris Barnett, I’m and engineer and an IT specialist.  I also happen to have a real passion for tools, I’m quite sure my family consider it some sort of obsession but what do they know?

As a rule I really don’t ‘do’ shopping, I guess I have a blokes attitude to it… I go to the shops when I need to get something, get what I want and come home… no browsing, better things to be doing with my time.

There is the exception of tool stores of course… I could spend all day in a good toolstore! The best one’s are the more old fashioned engineers merchants who tend to stock higher quality tools and have a vast array of choices too. Of course browsing like this can only lead to unecessary purchases of tools that just look great but may not be terribly useful on a day to day basis!

Having a passion for tools also leads to collecting old tools when and wherever they turn up, after my father died I was bequeathed a third of his vast tool collection (split evenly between three brothers!). That’s the way you end up with TWO concrete cut-off saws, a petrol generator and numerous other interesting items.

I’m quite sure that there’s plenty of people who feel exactly the same as I do about tools, I’ve realised that it can come to anyone and comes in different guises.. For instance, a friend of mine likes to sew as a hobby… and so sewing equipment has a similar allure for her as more industrial tools have for me.

My blog is simply an ongoing story of tools I’m interested in, what they’re used for, and how they can be of use to my readers. Enjoy!

Best Regards