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DIY Tool Guide – Part Five

When you’re buying paint, tiles, carpet, lino and virtually any other DIY material you’re most like to buy it by length or volume. To work out what length or volume you need then you must measure the place where you’re using the materials… are you with me yet?

DIY Tool Guide – Part Four

A craft knife (or Stanley knife) is great for cutting carpet, electrical insulation, fingers, card, paper… etc. etc. etc. Get a knife with a retractable blade, leave the fixed blade versions alone

How to shovel snow!

Good grief, more snow today! Not much by Scandanavian standards but enough to bring the UK to a grinding halt. Stops me getting the car out of my driveway too…

DIY Tool Guide – Part Three

Have you ever had that experience with some innocuous domestic task that requires you to remove a nail or a staple? Or maybe you needed to bend a cable or a piece of metal?

DIY Tool Guide – Part Two

Spanners and side cutters aren’t rocket science but they do a particular job well… much better than an old pair of pliers and some rusty scissors…

DIY Tool Guide – Part One

No household should be without a basic toolkit, ready to deal with minor domestic emergencies and simple DIY jobs. This DIY Tool Guide will begin to help you put together a toolbox that will serve you for most DIY eventualties.